The New Year is officially upon us. Resolutions have likely been made. Now all that is needed is implementation. If one of your goals is to take better care of yourself, deal with a nagging problem or to reduce stress, weight, anxiety or symptoms then stop in for a consultation and appointment with a supportive health care practitioner with lots of specific suggestions and treatments. If you have a combination of problems, I have a combination of suggestions. Together we can achieve more. Be well and don’t forget one square of heart healthy dark chocolate per day!

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It’s A New Year With New Beginnings: Guyana

As it turns out, now that I am an empty nester, I have a wonderful opportunity this fall to fulfill one of my dreams of participating in an humanitarian medical mission. I will be working in two outlying regions of Guyana helping to train the medical officers in the clinics there as well as helping to educate the population in prevention of common maladies such as hypertension, diabetes and in practical hygienic practices. We will be delivering medications and also tending to patients in the clinics. I have had this mission in mind since I learned of the Canadian organization Veahavta about 8 years ago. Veahavta does valuable work consistent with my personal values. The organization functions on tax deductible donations and I would like to share the work of the organization with you (https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/startup.aspx?eventid=78967) and ask your support for caring for our fellow beings in remote parts of the world who do not have access to health care and health care education. My fundraising goal for the trip is $ 3000.

Please visit the website and consider a contribution to Veahavta that will help defray the cost of the trip. From my heart and on behalf of the under served, I thank you for your generosity.

If anyone knows of any MD, RN or pharmacist that would like to be a member of the mission which will take place October 23rd to November 7th, there are a few more spots on the mission this fall. Please let me know or speak to Melanie at Veahavta.

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Doing Good In Guyana – 10/25/2011

–by Miriam Tamara

Ready to go at 8 am. Everyone in the town showed up and wanted tests for Malaria, Dengue and Typhoid. We screened for diabetes and hypertension and gave out vitamins and deworming medicine. Our team got the hang of the system quickly. Triage went slowly at first for me and then more efficiently as the day went on.

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Doing Good In Guyana – 10/31/2011

–by Miriam Tamara

Boated 10 minutes to the all male high security prison today. Saw prisoners with dental problems, HTN and diabetes and many other ailments. Some of the officers wanted to see us too. After clinic, I wanted to cry. I was exhausted and couldn’t put my finger on why I really felt so bad. I think in retrospect, it was being immersed in the hopelessness of prison life.

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